One  in  three  vehicles  in  Europe  are  fitted  with  Valeo  clutches.  With  1,100  part numbers  for  complete  kits  and  700  spares  part  numbers,  including  the  concentric slave  cylinder  (CSC)  and  competition  clutches,  Valeo  is  continuously  developing  and extending  its  range  for  passenger  cars,  light  utility  vehicles,  trucks  and  agricultural tractors. Manufactured in twelve sites across four continents, Valeo clutch parts and kits are distributed in more than 80 countries.

Valeo key benefits:

-a wide range covering 98% of the European car park,

-the latest technologies: dual mass flywheels, flexible flywheels, hydraulic clutches, 4- piece kit specific for the aftermarket,

-high-quality  parts  originating  from  technologies  developed  in  the  OE  market  and available for the aftermarket,

-a CD-ROM containing assembly instructions with photo sequences and explanatory diagrams. A program of diagnostics and calculation of fixed price offers completes the information.

-unique packaging that holds the kit under a film and prevents the components from moving. This packaging ensures the protection of the parts during carriage.