v-belt (COG(REQ, REL, REP)

Section : 9.SX, 12.SX, 17X, 22X

Length :525 to 2,385mm (NC 460 to 3,300mm) (G/D 560 to 2,500mm)

Poly V-belt (Multi-Ribbed belts)

Section : 3PK,4PK, 5PK, 6PK, BPK

Length :485 to 2,845mm (460 to 3,000mm)

Timing belt

Tooth profile :ZA, ZB,ZLB(ZBS), SBM, Y, R, HTA, HTB

? V-belt (COG(REC), REL, REP)

Raw Edge Cogged Belts

A belt used for automobiles is designed for high speed and temperature by using rubber of low elongation, high intensity cord, high thermal endurance


-Raw edge construction.

-Tough tensile members give superior resistance to fatigue and shock loads.

– Edges are precisely cut to exact dimensions providing even wedging action.

– Molded notches reduce bending stress, especially on drives with smaller diameter pulleys.

– Polychloroprene compound.

-Static conductive.

– Non flammable.

PolyV-belt (Multi-Ribbed belts)

An uniquely designed profile provides enhanced bending,allowing a long life and a compact driving. DRB V-Ribbed belts are suitable for high speed driving and power transmission driving.


– Truncated ribs ensure flexibility, reduce heat buildup and improve rib crack resistance.

– High modulus, low stretch polyester tensile member provides superior resistance to fatigue and shock loads.

– Static conductive under code(ISO 1813) ensures safe poeration.

-All polychloroprene compound resists oil and heat.

-Woven, wear resistant fabric rib sur face provides a clutching surface(PL&PM sections.)

? Timing belt

Timing belt is used a driving device such as gears and engines and guarantees a high power efficiency of automobiles with a high variation of driving speed and temperature. It is called also Synchronous.


-Exact transmission ratio

– Non-sliding constant velocity ratio

-Absorption of vibration

– Little noise

-Big range of transmission ratio

– Compacting structure

-Suitability to multi-axis transmission

– No need of lubrication

-No pollution