Where there is an automobile, there is MOBIS’ advanced technology 

MOBIS is the auto parts specialist company.

MOBIS, along with Hyundai Motor and KIA Motor, is one of the major affiliates of Hyundai Motor Group. Concentrating its resources on A/S Parts sale, module parts manufacturers and parts export, MOBIS has firmly established its position as a leading auto parts specialist company.

Release of BESF1 TS

Vehicle users more likely tend to buy reasonably priced products with an appropriate  level of quality guaranteed. Many foreign vehicle makers already have operations with their 2nd brand products. Offering reliable parts to customers at reasonable prices, leads to customer satisfactions. It also provides a good distribution model, and quality by MOBIS to rebuild image and improve the quality of service as a policy for customer satisfactions.


BESF1TS is the second brand, which MOBIS and manufacturers co-operated in planning and developing. The BESF1TS brand is highly motivated to satisfy customers who set a high value on reliability and economical prices.