Pads of Excellent Braking Power

The carbon compounds are applied to the formula of frictional materials to generate the soft film on their surface, so that the brake pads can react very stably to the speed spreads according to the various speeds and temperature changes. As a constant coefficient value of friction is retained even in the worst conditions, the drivers of automobiles can feel the sense of excellent braking when they step on the brake pedal during a sudden stop that occurs at the high speeds of 120km to 140km

Noiseless Brake Pads Minimize the Attacks Received by Brake Disks

Adopting the soft materials, low gravity and hardness, instead of the hard materials such as abrasives which might cause attacks to the brake disks or noise, we have minimized the judder and squeal.

Brake Pads to Guarantee Safe Driving Thanks to Their Stable Durability

The fibroid materials with excellency in durability that can retain a thermal stability and electrical insulation even at high temperatures are used for the products. And we emphasize their durability and retaining of the frictional materials
proper performance in the worst of conditions with the substitution effect of general phenolic resins with the metamorphic resins, excellent in thermal resistance.

Brake Pads with a Little Amount of Dust Caused and a Long Life Span

Minimizing dust generated by a sudden braking action with the high-quality materials of fibers and graphites, we reduces the amount of dust sticking to vehicle wheels. The company’s products have also a long life span due to the product’s excellent abrasion resistance.

Only the best materials can guarantee the best quality And the best quality will guarantee the best safety

On the basis of technologies whose excellence has widely been recognized, we supply various kinds of genuine products to automobile industries at home and abroad. We will devote ourselves to supplying the highest quality products at the most economical prices while continuing to invest in R&D activities. BESFITS Brake is recognized as the best quality. “In any circumstances, it maintains the stable frictional force with long life span.”We minimized the damage to brake drum and disk. It has excellent thermal stability and durability. Once you install our brakes, you will feel the confident stopping and the noise-less. Confirm the life-longer and the dustless. BESFITS Brake actualizes them.

Brake Disc

Ventilated Type

It has the ventilating shaft ,which is to improve cooling performance as radiated shape. It prevents from the increase of temperature level by air circulation when braking and cooling speed works faster.

It is able to use in combination to keep up the parking condition and reducing the driving speed. Usually, it is adopted on rear wheel.

Outer ventilated

The ventilating shaft(hole) adopted on the outside area of wheel contact surface.

– DTV(Disc Thi ckness Variation) : 5/JITI

– Run-Out on the pad contact surface: 30µrn

Inner ventilated

It is simplified type disc and less braking performance than ventilated type. This type mostly applied to the rear

– The ventilating shaft(hole) adopted on the inside area of wheel contact surface. – DTV and Run-Out is the same as outer ventilated type.

Drum & Disc one body type

– Roundness on lining contact surface : 1 Sµrn

– DTV and Run-Out is the same as ventilated type.

?AL-MMC Disc

– Material : Aluminium(alminum) – Metal Matrix Composite

-Reduce the weight and semi-permanent life, also reduce the noise and vibration structure.