Bodyguard for the engine:

Filters from Bosch

Bosch filters ensure the smooth running of the injection system, the engine and the welfare of passengers – with a range of more than 2,000 filters for almost every vehicle. The range is constantly being updated and extended, which means dealers and workshops always have the latest filters on hand from Bosch, the worldwide filter experts.

Final Stop for Dirt Particles of All Kinds

Bosch air filters lead to low fuel consumption and compliance with the applicable exhaust gas standards. For example, 1.5 kg of dust is collected in the air inlet of a bus with a 160 kW engine after 30,000 km – dust that can never find its way into the engine thanks to efficient air filters.



Intelligent environmental protection pays off — 10 % lower fuel consumption means that the SCR system can be amortized within around 110,000 km.

Oil filters

  • Effective filtering
  • A long service life thanks to specially impregnated, tear-resistant filter media
  • Bypass valve and return flow check valve ensure sufficient engine lubrication during idling and cold start
  • Environment friendly metal-free filter elements

Fuel filters

  • Pioneer in fuel filtration for more than 80 years
  • Advanced fuel filters to suit modern injection systems
  • Unrivalled engine protection thanks to special filter media with a high dirt retention and efficiency
  • Long service life thanks to high-quality filter media with large filtering surfaces
  • Highly resistant to temperature fluctuations, pressure and corrosive fuels, such as bio diesel applications

Air filters

  • Accurate fit avoids bypass of dirty air into the engine
  • High quality microfiber media

– a perfect combination of air permeability and dirt retention ensures maximum engine performance

  •  Increased safety thanks to flame­ retardant media

Strong arguments for Bosch DENOX filters:

  • Years of experience with AdBlue; the filter is perfectly compatible with the DENOXTRONIC® system
  • High-quality materials offering exceptional resistance against the aggressive AdBlue
  • Regular filter replacement guarantees precise metering of AdBlue and thus compliance with EU emission standards

Cabin filters

  • Effective filtering of pollen, dirt particles and pollutants provides a healthy ambience
  • Excellent air quality inside the vehicle promotes concentration of the driver
  • Added comfort of fresh air even in tunnels and congested traffic
  • Activated carbon cabin filters provide extra protection by absorbing odorous and hazardous gases such as ozone and nitrogen oxides.
  • Bosch cabin filters have a huge coverage for American, Asian and European vehicles.
  • Growing market thanks to increasing original equipment volume
  • Supplied with detailed fitting instructions
  • Convenient replacement of conventional cabin filters with equivalent activated carbon versions