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Bosch is the largest independent provider of parts and systems in the world, in direct response to the primary sector (vehicle assembly) and the aftermarket.

The Automotive Technology segment corresponds to approximately %60 of the overall company operation, providing innovative products such as diesel injection systems, gasoline systems, brake components, active safety (such as ABS), energy and onboard electronics, among other components.

One Source – Complete Solutions

In addition to genuine high quality spare parts, Bosch provides test equipment software, hardware and services for diagnostic maintenance of heavy and light vehicles.

Added to that, technical information on products and Bosch systems are also provided by the compxany; providing a complete solution to the aftermarket. Completing the circle of market delivery, is a wide network of specialized workshops guarantees the best service to drivers for repair and maintenance in more than 130 countries.

Bosch has the right products that will satisfy every requirement. We offer you a single source solution for your car, whether it is an Asian, American or European.

Bosch provides superior quality products such as batteries, brakes, wipers, bulbs and spark plugs just to name few. With Bosch you will find the right product for your vehicle giving you a cleaner, safer and more comfortable driving experience

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BOSCH Quality Assurance

without Borders

The Bosch Group is the largest provider of automotive technology in the world. Since its founding in 1886, in Germany, it’s been distinguished by continuous innovation and high quality standards established in all sectors: Automotive Technology, Industrial Technology, Energy and Building Technology and Consumer Goods.
The Bosch Group is present in approximately 50 countries with over 300 subsidiaries. In all these countries Bosch operates with the same principles; continuously investing in manufacturing platforms and systems that ensure the quality of its systems and components are not jeopardized.
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293 factories, more than 000 300 associates; Same production system everywhere

To ensure that all products manufactured at various plants across the world have the same standard of quality and performance, Bosch created a unique production system called the BPS (Bosch Production System). The objective of BPS is to support the process improvement – continuous quality, delivery and cost, and performing rigid control in production methods to ensure the highest standards in final products. Bosch employees worldwide that are actively involved with the improvement process are constantly receiving specific training on the values within the Bosch Group.

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New factory in China: producing global excellence

With investments of over U.S. $ 170 million, the new plant Bosch Nanjing, China, is responsible for the annual production of more than 100 parts with Bosch quality. The new factory employs more than 3000 employees and has a new Development Center