Delphi Air Conditioning and Engine Cooling.

Keep Your Customers Cool and Your 

OE Thermal Management Intelligence.

At Delphi, we’ve been managing air, liquids and temperature longer than any other OE supplier in the world. We introduced the first compressor in the 1950’s. Since then we’ve virtually perfected the science, and were first to integrate electronics, sensors and special algorithms into climate control systems too, making them smarter, faster and better than ever before. This special Delphi technology creates a precise orchestration of vehicle air temperature that can be as sensitive as one-tenth of one degree. We supply OE applications for leading vehicle manufacturers including BMW, Chrysler, Ferrari, Fiat, Maserati, Mercedes, PSA Peugeot Citroën, Renault and Volkswagen.

OE Expertise in the Aftermarket.

Because we design these systems, we know how they work. We also know how to repair them when they don’t. That’s why we offer the diagnostic tools, know-how and support, as well as the OE parts, needed to service and repair today’s air conditioning systems quickly, efficiently and profitably.

The Delphi Difference.

  • Full AC and engine cooling system expertise.
  • Patented OE technology for improved fuel economy, reduced emissions and faster time to comfort.
  • OE tested up to 100,000 miles for durability and reliability.
  • Aftermarket portfolio of over 2,200 parts covering more than 26,000 applications.
  • OE-level training with courses such as AC diagnostics and refrigerant handling.
  • Advanced AC diagnostics with DS tool including activation of components and system reset after component replacement.
  • Access to technical hotline and on-line information including latest industry developments.

OE Thermal Management Intelligence.

Accumulators & Receiver Driers. 

Calibrated oil return and molecular sieve desiccant help to control moisture and protect against corrosion. 

Blower Motors.

Pre-balanced with OE quality fans to withstand temperature shifts, humidity, dust and vibration for robust, dependable motor operation.

Cabin Air Filters.

OE specification particle and activated carbon filters for optimal particle removal, hygiene and air quality.

Charge Air Coolers.

OE specification particle and activated carbon filters for optimal particle removal, hygiene and air quality.


Patented OE technology helps to ensure improved cooling capacity, emissions and fuel economy.


OE component features microport condenser tubes for efficient, effective heat transfer.


Supplied as OE for high heat transfer and optimal performance. Features patented moisture management technology.

Heater Cores.

OE technology with one-step brazing process and long-life alloys for reliability and durability. 


Brazed aluminum construction provides superior heat transfer capacity and low pressure drop for optimized cooling system airflow.

A Closer Look at our CVC Compressor Technology. Intelligence.

A- Swash Plate Design

Improved harmonic motion mechanism reduces weight, friction and pumping losses for less emissions, heat and more efficiency.

B- Hollow Piston Technology  

Reduces overall power consumption by 15%, as well as increases fuel efficiency by 5% and cooling capacity by 10%. 

C- Integrated Control Valve 

Unique 4 port flow design provides improved fuel economy, better emissions, and faster time-to-comfort. 

D- Reed Valve and Valve Plate 

Patented design increases the durability of the reed itself and reduces noise.


Tech Tips for Fewer Comebacks. 

> Use manufacturer specified refrigerant oils only – and in the right amount. Install the wrong type or with the wrong viscosity level and you’re just asking for a comeback.

> Always remove all the moisture inside the system by pulling a vacuum for 45 minutes minimum. If you don’t, when the system is recharged, the moisture and oil will react, making the oil acidic, leading to corrosion and premature failure.

> When installing a new compressor on a vehicle its important to make sure the compressor is oil balanced with the correct type and amount of lubricant for effective operation.

> It’s always best practice to replace the receiver drier or accumulator whenever the system is open to atmosphere.

> Keep shipping caps in place at all times except when adding oil to the part, or when ready to install to refrigerant lines. Open units will absorb humidity from the air, reducing the ability to capture system moisture.

> Always handle the blower and fan assembly by its motor and not by the fan as this can cause an out of balance assembly.

> Never handle an evaporator by its pipes as this can cause fractures or kinks, which might result in a leak and/or difficult installation.

> Oil o-rings with mineral oil prior to assembling a refrigerant joint. Installing dry o-rings onto fittings may result in o-rings that roll and twist causing improper seating or damage in the form of pinches, nicks, cuts. These conditions cause leaks.

Patented OE Technology for Improved Fuel Economy, Emissions and Cooling Time.