How a Vehicle Stops is Just as Important as How it Moves.

OE Safety Expertise.

Today our OE safety expertise is fitted to millions of vehicles worldwide. With innovative technologies such as adaptive cruise control, electronic scanning radar, lane departure warning and collision mitigation we are committed to helping stop traffic accidents before they happen. These systems are all designed to support Delphi’s vision of a society with zero fatalities, zero injuries and zero accidents.

Safety is in our DNA.

The same is true in the aftermarket. That’s why we offer a range of parts designed, engineered and manufactured to OE standards. But not just that. As vehicles have become more sophisticated, so too has the technology needed to diagnose and service them. In addition to parts, this means diagnostics and expert knowledge are now part of most routine brake jobs. Delphi offers all this…and more.

The Delphi Difference.

  • Manufactured to meet the same standards of performance, consistency, and longevity as the OE.
  • Over 130 different friction ingredients used to create 20 unique formulations, helping to ensure each brake pad closely matches the vehicle application.
  • Extensive in-lab and on-road testing for optimum braking performance.
  • OE underlayer technology across 100% of Delphi range.
  • OE noise fixes, such as chamfers and shims to eliminate squeal whilst maintaining driver comfort and performance.
  • Range of coated, high carbon, directional vein and cross drilled discs for high-performance braking.
  • Meets the very latest legislation.
  • Aftermarket portfolio of around 8,000 parts covering more than 96% of the European parc.
  • First-to-market parts for vehicles still covered by OEM warranty.
  • Delphi DS tool offering advanced diagnostics with electric park brake (wind-back callipers for pad replacement/reset), brake bleeding and coding of control units (post replacement)
  • OE level training and access to a technical hotline and support.

Our Brakes Portfolio

ABS Sensors.

OE tested to endure extreme environmental changes. Plated connectors for increased conductivity and corrosion protection.


Full range of accessories for quicker and easier brake replacement.

Brake Fluid.

One of the highest boiling points in the industry for effective braking. Variety of formulations available.

Brake Discs.

Superior surface finish helps aid “bedding” of brake pads to brake disc for maximum braking efficiency.

Brake Drums.

Made of high grade cast iron with close dimensional tolerances.


Designed for corrosion resistance and long wear and tested to a minimum of 800 bar on burst pressure tests. alignment system indispensable.

Master, Wheel & Slave Cylinders.

Precise measurement, short set-up times and simple operation make the Bosch wheel alignment system indispensable.


OE engineered with 20 unique friction formulations to best match the vehicle application.

Shoes and Shoe Kits.

Brake linings are securely bonded to the shoe backing. Delphi Kits come fully assembled and adjusted.

We’re Quietly Confident About our Brake Pads.

A- Friction Material

20 unique friction formulations help to ensure each pad closely matches the application.

B- Slots 

Allows pads to flex without cracking of the friction material, helps remove water from the disc surface and improves efficiency. 

C- OE Configured Chamfers 

Reduces noise during the “bedding in” period of the pad life cycle.

D- OE Underlayer Technology  

Fitted to 100% of Delphi pads to reduce heat transfer to brake fluid, increase sheer strength and dampen vibration. 

E- OE Designed Pressed Steel Back Plate  

For increased strength and resistance to wear. Powder coated for added corrosion protection.

D- OE Multi-layered Shims 

Fitted where necessary to eliminate noise and improve driver comfort. 

Tech Tips for Fewer Comebacks.

> Always replace brake pads and discs in pairs for consistent braking on both sides of the car and fit new pads when replacing discs for the best friction performance.

> Never unplug or reconnect any electrical ABS component with the ignition on. This can cause a current surge and damage components.

> If the inside pad is worn more than the outside one, the caliper needs to be serviced or replaced because the caliper piston is hanging up.

> If the outside pad is worn more than the inside one, the mounting hardware is causing the caliper to hang up and not slide. Here replace the mounting hardware and lubricate the slides.

> If the vehicle has unwanted apply of the ABS system at any speed and there are no DTCs, use your scan tool during a road test to see which solenoid is being activated and which wheel/ hydraulic circuit is affected.

> If you notice a loss of brake fluid from the master cylinder and there are no signs of leakage at the lines, master cylinder body or brake calipers/wheel cylinders, unbolt the master cylinder from the brake booster and look for signs of leakage at the back of the unit. If there’s a leak, the fluid could be ingested into the booster and/or engine.

> If a vehicle with ABS has a pull to the left or right when stopping, first install a pressure gauge at each wheel and check for differences in pressures while applying the brakes to the vehicle on the lift. A drastic difference in pressure may indicate a problem with a hydraulic valve in the ABS system.

For Quality you can Trust Fit Delphi Brakes!