As the leading European manufacturer, Sid em offers the most extensive range of steering and suspension parts for both the automotive aftermarket and original equipment market. Ever since the company was launched in 1933, we have striven for excellence in everything we do, resulting in high.quality products and first·class service.

The oldest brand in chassis parts

Sidem has been active for more than 80 years, making it the oldest brand in chassis parts in Europe. Today, Sidem employs a workforce of more than 400 people and is the reference in steering and suspension parts, with the most comprehensive range in Europe.

Our markets

Sidem is active in steering and suspension components. Our in•house R&D department designs and refines products tailored to customer requirements for:




Distribution channels

From the fully automated distribution centre in Belgium, Sidem ships products fast and efficiently through three distinct channels to more than 90 countries worldwide. Furthermore, in the Independent Aftermarket channel, we strictly adhere to an 1AM distribution policy of only selecting A-rated distributors and limiting their number per country.

The widest range

Sidem is the reference on the market for steering and suspension parts, with the broadest range in Europe for the independent aftermarket.


Sid em has a clear focus on steering and suspension manufacturing. The entire production process takes place within the company: from design to shipping. That makes Sidem truly unique, being the only fully vertical integrated supplier in Europe. Everything we produce is built and tested through our reverse engineering procedure of original equipment (OE) parts. As thus, safety and quality of our aftermarket parts are assured.

Customers and partners choose Sidem as their preferred partner for our long-term focus and commitment to new technologies, both in development, production, distribution and customer service.

State-of-the-art engineering

The R&D department is key and ensures constant improvement of products and production processes. Reverse engineering technology guarantees that the quality of our products is at least equal to OE quality.

We make 30 simulations of each part with Unigraphics software. Original parts are further perfected and prototypes are extensively tested and adjusted with a single objective: the absolute safety of the end-user.

Intensive prototype testing

Perfection can only be achieved through intensive testing. To that end, Sidem owns a state-of-the-art test centre. These facilities allow us to guarantee the safety of our products with zero fault tolerances.

All new prototypes are subjected to various tests under different conditions. Only prototypes that pass these durability tests can be brought into production.

High-tech production facilities

Sidem is continually searching for ways to refine and improve production processes. Advanced CNC machinery, made-to-measure assembly lines and in­house automation processes guarantee an industrial production capacity accommodating every demand.

Because quality and safety are of primary importance, we constantly monitor the production process from entry control to the delivery of our products.

Fast & flexible distribution

The fully automated distribution centre in Belgium is Sidem’s flagship. From here products are shipped fast, flexibly and correctly to more than go countries worldwide.

The parts are automatically taken from stock, packaged and labelled according to the customer’s requirements. All orders are delivered from stock within five days, with a minimum delivery rate of 96°/o.