clutch Disc

Clutch Discs Minimize Vibration and Noise

Clutch discs adjust the vibration and noise of your car, thereby providing the most comfortable ride according to the car’s overall performance. The most prominent feature of clutch is the torsion that reduces the unpleasant noise and vibration generated by changing revolution speed. Clutch discs from BESFlTS use dampers (large angular displacement ones and multi stage pre-damper) to fit car’s circumstances.

Smooth Car Starts and Safe Driving

Automobiles using BESFlTS clutch discs have better car starts, and their drivers will enjoy a more comfortable ride due to their cushion phenomenon. This affects the pedal release time and distance of disengagement.

BESFlTS clutches are indispensable for pleasant driving through the long life accumulated technology.

Release Bearing

Release Bearing Developed Via Internationally Patented Technology

Together with the cover and disc, the clutch release bearing is the major component of the clutch system. When the engine starts of a gear is shifted, it pushes the diaphragm of the clutch cover, and the pedal power is delivered through the clutch master cylinder and the clutch release cylinder, so it cuts engine power away from the transmission.

Employing the world’s top-tier self Centering System Technology, the release bearing from BESFlTS automatically adjust the friction generated by intermittent clutch power, thus preventing excessive abrasion and prolonging life.

Moreover, made of advanced engineering plastic resin, they are very compact and light in weigh, and it effectively absorbs the vibration in

any part of the car.

clutch Cover

Clutch covers suitable for vehicle characteristics

– In any automobile from a light passenger car to 54-ton high-power truck, the clutch cover generates a pushing load and determines the pedal effort of the driver. For comfortable and safe driving,

it is therefore important to select a good quality clutch cover suitable for the type of vehicle. BESFlTS clutch cover is categorized according to shape, part composition and features each type has

a unique characteristic, permitting the part for each car. Ensuring a smooth start and a good ride

CP Type Covers

CP Type covers employ the world-patented technology of MOBIS, their superior release properties while shifting gears lower the pedal effort, thus permitting easy clutch adjustment and more convenient ride.

DTE Type Covers

DTE Type cover satisfies the need for higher-powered engines in the large bus and truck Improving the defects of CS lever type, it is light and Compact and can be easily installed. It also provides efficient power transmission.