A-part founded in 2002 , A-part the sole agent for several automotive brands : BOSCH , Valeo, Zexel , Delphi, unipoint, Besfits , Sidem, Road House and Wix. we are a leading of spare parts for all kinds of vehicles running in Egypt .The success of A-part in Egypt did not come from a vacuum, but for the greatest efforts in providing the latest products and adopt the company’s strategy on constructing .A-part the agent for Many Brands has achieved in the Egyptian market over 14 years many successes and leadership in providing the best services and the provision of spare parts and services for cars and equipment’s and has been so behind obtaining the first place in the performance of the sales of spare parts “ Best overall performance “.
It also has achieved a leadership position in the equipment sales at the level of the region “ Best innovative management practice “ the culmination of their efforts and achievements in this field.

We pride in maintaining efficiency, integrity and transparency as well as building a management team which has contributed to establish our reputation as one of the automotive leaders in Egypt.
We build our credibility and trust through communicating clear and truthful information to our partners in business, principals, customers, and definitely to our Team.
We develop our team of selected expert staff through investing in human resources and career development activities through training in Egypt &/or abroad.
We capitalize on complying with both local and international regulations, as well as implementing corporate governance principles.