Cooler (Inter)


  • lntercoolers are usually placed between the turbo and the engine air inle
  • Compressing the air adds a lot of energy to it which makes it fairly hot, by cooling it. And this increases the density of the air cramming more air per volume.
  • This increases the performance and efficiency of the engine.
  • The component for cooling system package for turbo-charged engines on many off-highway.
  • The units are all aluminum and furnace-brazed with the unique brazing process for rugged durability


  1. High Performance – Increased Capacity – Low Air Resistance – Low Refrigerant Pressure Drop
  2. Light Weight
  3. Compact Size & Optimum Design
  4. Increased Durability

Cooler (Oil)


It is essential for effective engine oil control according to the tendency of high output. (Maintaining functions of oil lubrication and moderate temperature)


Special feature: Internal type, External typ