water Pump


This bearing is located in the front of an internal combustion engine. It provides tension to the belt which drives from the crankshaft, to the cam shaft, alternator, air compressor, power steering pump, and water pump. It must handle high temperatures, high-speed rotation, and belt vibration because of contiguity in the engine used in order to make the direction of a belt change.

Idler /Tensioner bearings are designed against different specification from normal deep groove bearings.
Idler /Tensioner bearings are divided roughly into two types and identified by the usage, respectively.
And Idler I Tensioner bearing affects a change in the angle of direction which a belt runs or to adjust contact width with a pulley.

The following are important functions of these indispensable parts for the smooth drive of the belt system.

– To add initial tension by using the pivot hole and eccentric hole which absorb tension changes in the timing belt where the temperature changes when the engine is running.

-To prevent any belt-skip, which would cause mismatching of the valve timing between crank shaft and cam shaft.


Sealed groove bearing is usually used and it also has built-in heat-resistant grease, a seal, and retainer and the structure can withstand a temperature change or change of belt tension when the car is running. Idler bearing is unitized with the pulley.


Installed in the cylinder block, it cools the engine by circulating coolant from the radiator, powered by the crank shaft.


– High Flow Design provides long lasting, efficient cooling

– Designed for OE fit & performance

– Factory lubricated for long life

– Easy Installation

– Precision ground shaft and hub accept OE fan clutches perfectly

– High quality forged housing is specially formed to ensure maximum coolant flow

– Precision Built and Balanced – Pressed On Impeller Increases Water Flow

– Unique No-Sealant Required Gasket Makes Installation Fast, Easy and Leak-Free

– Unitized Seal Protects Bearings – Provides Long Life, Leak-Free Performance

-Factory Sealed Precision Ground One Piece Bearing Assembly