Fuel Injector


Fuel injectors perform an important role in the accurate metering and atomization of fuel. These electro-mechanical valves react in milliseconds to open and close giving the electronic control unit optimal control over fuel flow to the engine.


– Restore original spray pattern

– Improve fuel mixture formation resulting in improved overall vehicle performance

-Reduce rough running caused by non uniform spray dynamics

Fuel System Cleaner


For Gasoline Engine 500ml

For CRDI or General Diesel Engine 500ml 3 time use (Highly Concentrated)


– BESFlTS i3000+ Fuel System Cleaner provides 2- stage cleaning. Quickly dissolves carbon and varnish from intake manifold, valves, piston and combustion chamber. Residual cleaner continues to soften “Rock-Like” valve deposits for a more thorough cleaning.

– Preventing corrosion : Removes harmful moisture and protects against rust and corrosion and lubricate fuel system parts (Injector, Valve seat, Rings)

-Boost Octane and cetane to prevent knocking and help to get perfect combustion for engine to work in best condition, therby improving fuel efficency and output while reducing noise and exhausting gases

? Direction for Use

– Add BESFlTS i3000+ into fuel tank

-Fill up the fuel

  1.  Never add BESFlTS i3000+ to engine oil crank case
  2. You can add BESFlTS i3000+ in installments depending on the fuel tank capacity. If you add one full bottle, then you get the best results
  3.  When adding in installments, check the notch mark indicated on the right side of bottle. One notch is 167ml and you can use in three installments.

– Recommend to add in every 5,000km to keep the engine clean at all times.