Oxygen Sensor

MAP Sensor

Oil Sensor

water Temperature


This sensor generates O or 1V according to the oxygen concentration in engine exhaust gas and has been widely used as the key component of the exhaust gas purification system controlling the NF ratio. This high performance and highly reliable sensor contributes to clean air under the current strict emission regulations.


– Compact design allows a more flexible installation.

– High Tolerance for chemical deposits and long life.

-Better low temperature activity.

* Excellent sealing performance to prevent gasoline and water



Manifold Absolute Pressure Sensor measures the pressure of intake manifold for calculating indirectly the intake air flow quantity to the engine and transmit the signal to engine control unit.


The piezo-resistive pressure sensor element and a suitable circuit for signal amplification and temperature compensation are integrated on a silicon chip.

When the intake manifold pressure is led up by a pressure nozzle to the diaphragm, the resistor valuepositioned on the diaphragm surface is changed with proportion to the stress variation and it is converted to the electrical signal.


  • Silicon diaphragm fabricated by Micro Electro Mechanical System
  • One chip design pressure sensor combined silicon diaphragm
  • with signal conditioning circuit
  • Good endurance
  • Fast response,High sensitivity,Good hysteresis


The Temperature sensor has a NTC (Negative Temperature Coefficient) sensing element, which send oil , air , coolant , fuel temperature information to ECU (engine control unit) as mounting.

Temperature information is application data for controlling engine and transmission.


– Suitable appearance and inside structure composition

– Connection system

– Wide operating range on temperature

-Suitable mounting and sealing method


This part senses the cooling water temperature in the engine block and generates two types of corresponding electrical signal, one of which is transmitted to ECU (Engine Control Unit) as voltage and the other to the thermometer on the instrument panel.


  • Integrated part of Water Temp. Sensor and Temp. Sender Unit.
  • NTC (Negative Temperature Coefficient) Thermometer
  • Sensitivity (response) : Max. 15 sec.
  • Applicable temperature range :-40°C”‘+ 130°C