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100 years of success are not enough for us

From the hydraulic brake to ABS, ATE has enriched the market from the outset with pioneering developments – and it will continue to do so.

Never-ending Story

The ATE success story is not over yet, however, because we’re still the leading pioneers thanks to the innovations we continually introduce – and we’ll be blazing a trail in the future too!

ATE Product



When it starts to get complicated, that’s when we go into top gear

We have customized every ATE brake fluid to perfectly match its individual application. Viscosity and boiling point interact perfectly to allow the brakes to react quickly and reliably – for every vehicle and every application.

The right choice – guaranteed

From classic cars to small cars to saloons with ABS and ESP®, we have exactly the right brake fluid for every requirement. You can be sure that all the brake systems will function at their best.

Long-term safety

High-quality additives in our brake fluids provide excellent protection against corrosion and fluid ageing. This makes the brakes more resistant and more durable – and consequently much safer in the long term.

More quality? Can’t be done!

Why be satisfied with the normal standards? The dry and wet boiling point levels of our brake fluids significantly exceed the existing legal and technical requirements.

Features & benefits of ATE brake fluids

  • Comprehensive product range (DOT 3, DOT 4 or DOT 5.1 – we can supply every market and every customer with high-performance and ESP brake fluids)
  • Numerous container sizes per quality grade
  • Suitable for all established makes of vehicles
  • Longer shelf life (thanks to high-quality metal cans)
  • Years of expertise (in the development of brake fluids as original equipment in automotive brake assemblies)
  • Optimised compatibility with the sealing materials for DOT brake fluids used in automobile and motorcycle brake systems

New design. Same high performance.

We’re changing the package design of our brake fluids to a uniform blue so that you can easily recognise our high-quality products. But of course only the packages will change; the products are the same.

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