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Bosch T-Series Batteries For Commercial Vehicles Always A Reliable Source Of Power

Commercial vehicles need a great deal from their energy supply: Long downtimes and a large number of electrical consumers can drain a battery

completely. The T3, T4 and T5 from Bosch are specifically designed to deal with this.

T3: Starting power with no compromises

Benefits of the basic type include:

  • Reliable starting power
  •  Long service life

T4: More power right from the start

Designed for continuous applications with the engine switched offRichard Mille Watchesreplica tag heuer

  • Bosch battery S5: A sustained source of power for LCV

    Copes with frequent charging and discharging
  • Reliable power supply for all energy consumers

T5: Maximum power and cycle resistance

For extremely high power requirements and frequent discharges

  • Ideal for vehicles with a sleeper cab
  • Ideal for trucks with a lifting platform and coaches

T3, T4, T5: Commercial vehicle batteries from

Bosch: More power, reliability and convenience in everyday use.

Bosch S-Series Batteries For LCVs Top Performance For All Applications Bosch

Starting and stopping, loading and unloading, long and short journeys – all of that demands a lot of the battery. The Bosch S5 and S6 can be relied upon to cope with extreme and fluctuating power requirements.

Bosch battery S5: A sustained source of power for LCV

PowerFrame technology: Designed to satisfy even the greatest cold starting and capacity demands

  • Up to 30 % extra service life and cold starting power
  • 100 % maintenance-free, ready for installation and start
  • Carrying handles: easy transportation and installation
  • Minimal self-discharge
  • Short distance tolerance thanks to high current input
  • Leak-proof labyrinth-type cover with fine mesh flame trap
  • Also suitable for installation in cab

Bosch S6 battery incorporating AGM technology

More and more equipment for greater convenience, safety and efficiency demands top starting and power supply performance. The PowerFrame and AGM technology (absorbent glass mat) excel under even the

toughest conditions:

  • Great deep cycle resistance
  • High vibration resistance
  • Twice the service life
  • 100 % maintenance-free
  • Sealed and 100 % leak-proof
  • Suitable for installation in any position
  • Triple energy density

Bosch S5 and S6 batteries for vans

Guaranteed powerful starting and energy supply