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The Future Of Diesel You Can Rely On The Premier Supplier

New Diesel Systems High Pressure For Optimum Results

Common rail systems have long since become state-of-the-art in modern commercial vehicles. This offers vast potential for every workshop, as diesel engine components are also subject to wear. Bosch can supply component packages for the common rail systems of almost all vehicle manufacturers.


Up to 85 % reduction in NOx emissions in combination with SCR catalytic converters

Together with the SCR system, the Euro 4 and Euro 5 particle limit values can be obtained without the need for a particulate filter.

Common rail high-pressure pumps

Broad range for every generation of common rail system

Repair work can be performed at a Diesel Center

Common rail injectors

Solenoid-controlled injectors

Piezo injectors for the third common rail system generation

Unit injectors

A unit consisting of pump and injector

Exchange range, repairs


Absolute pressure sensor

Rail pressure sensor

Differential pressure sensor

Accelerator pedal sensor

Temperature sensor

Camshaft / crankshaft speed sensor

Hot-film air mass meter

Knock sensor

Conventional Diesel Drive Systems Successful Technology From A Reliable Supplier

The winning characteristics of commercial vehicles with diesel engines are their high mileage capa bility coupled with a long engine service life. You can impress customers by offering competent service and low-cost maintenance with the support of a supplier you can rely on: Bosch. No other name is so closely associated with thedevelopment and high performance of diesel systems.

In-line and distributor injection pumps

Full range of in-line and distributor injection pumps

Comprehensive eXchange range for the distributor injection pumps of the major vehicle manufacturers

Plunger-and-barrel assemblies and delivery valves

More than 90 % global market coverage

Bosch is Europe’s sole supplier of original equipment in-line pumps and thus also of plunger-and-barrel assemblies and delivery valves

Nozzle-and-holder assemblies

Broad market coverage for commercial vehicles

Original equipment quality

Full repair range


Broad market coverage

Range incorporates nozzles for non-Bosch systems

Original equipment quality

Forgery-proof packaging