Braking Components And Parts From Bosch For All Types Of LCV

From 100 to 0 in a matter of seconds. There is no substitute for safety and quality. Bosch brake systems satisfy the highest standards without cutting any corners.

Brake pads and linings

Drum brake shoes

Brake disk

Brake caliper

Because Braking Is A Serious Business – Replacement And Wearing Parts From Bosch

Always the top choice for brake systems

Bosch continue to set new technological and comfort standards – and not just in terms of original equipment. Our replacement and wearing parts for brake systems also far surpass the legally required test criteria.

Brake discs

  • Mechanical and thermal stability ensure top quality and a long service life
  • High Carbon brake discs for enhanced performance
  • The set of bolts provided with many discs guarantees excellent repair results
  • Coated discs guard against corrosion
  • Discs with integrated bearing and ABS sensor ring save time and produce perfect results


Brake pads and linings

  • Short running-in time, highly stable coefficient of friction
  • High shear strength, minimal compressibility
  • Smooth pedal feel, very little vibration
  • Good response
  • Noise and vibration-free braking


Brake calipers

100 % replacement of all wearing and sealing components

High degree of coverage for the European vehicle fleet (more than 90%)

Drum brake kits

  • All parts comply with the toughest international quality standards for the motor vehicle aftermarket
  • Perfectly matched components
  • No risk of incorrect fitting
  • Time-saving ordering and installation procedures


Brake fluid

  • Bosch brake fluids both satisfy and surpass

international safety standards

  • DOT 4 HP: Low-viscosity brake fluid highly suited to electronic brake systems such as ABS and ESP® The extremely short ESP® reaction time thus achieved enhances road safety
  • M aximum storage time of 5 years guaranteed by the u se of high-grade metal cans and 3 years for high-grade plastic bottles.

Electronic brake control systems

  • In-company research and development
  • Close contact with vehicle manufacturers
  • Global leadership thanks to innovations
  • Growth sector for workshops on account of increasing original equipment volume

Wheel speed sensors

  • Optimum resistance to external magnetic influences
  • Speed detection close to 0 km / h
  • Recognition of direction of rotation and stoppage with active sensors
  • Top quality for a long service life