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The Right Power For Every Application: The Bosch Battery Range

Modern vehicles are being fitted with more and more components which run on electricity. A high-performance, reliable power supply is essential.

Bosch batteries can guarantee that. And now, thanks to the new S6 AGM and S5 EFB batteries, they can also be installed in start / stop systems. The batteries are maintenancefree and meet the exact requirements of original equipment.

Bosch S6 battery for passenger cars featuring start / stop systems with recuperation

  • Longer service life and up to four times greater cycle resistance than conventional batteries
  • Outstanding short distance tolerance
  • Micro fiberglass mats to absorb the acid (AGM)
  • Suitable for installation in any position, 100 % leak-proof and tilt-resistant
  • 100 % maintenance-free

Bosch S-3S-4S5 batteries for passenger cars

  • Tailor-made range
  • New PowerFrame technology for a guaranteed long service life
  • Up to 30 % more colder starting power
  • 100 % maintenance-free
  • High short distance tolerance
  • Maximum reliability
  • For around 97 % of all vehicles
  • For European and Asian vehicles

Bosch S5 battery for passenger cars featuring start / stop systems

  • Two times higher cycle resistance than conventional starter batteries
  • With an additional polyester scrim material between the plate and separator (EFB)
  • Highest short distance tolerance
  • Leak-proof and tilt-resistant
  • 100 % maintenance-free

S5 batteries with EFB technology

S6 batteries with AGM technology

CÅ = Circuit, EÇ = End terminals, AÑ = Attachment

Bosch S-3S-4S5 batteries with PowerFrame technology

  • Up to 30 % longer service life
  • Up to 30 % more colder starting power
  • 100 % maintenance free, ready to install and start
  • Carrying handles for ease of transportation and installation
  • Short distance tolerance thanks to high current input
  • Leak-proof labyrinth-type cover with backfire protection
  • Also suitable for installation in the passenger compartment

When servicing batteries in start / stop systems the following information must be observed:

  • Replace AGM with AGM
  • Replace EFB with EFB or AGM
  • Conventional lead-acid battery cannot be used
  • Use of a Bosch KTS-series diagnostics tester is often required to register the battery newly installed on the control unit