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Quality Is What Drives Us Drive Belts From Bosch

Complete Range – Reliable Safety

Drive belts are wearing parts and are subject to considerable stress within a vehicle. Tensioning elements and deflection and guide pulleys are also exposed to considerable strain. For this reason, these components should also be replaced when changing timing belts. Drive belts and all tensioning elements from Bosch always provide the high replica omega original equipment quality you have come to associate with us. Furthermore, over 1,000 types are available. This means you can work on over %90 of all European and Asian vehicles. Parts are made available quickly, even for new models. This is because Bosch is constantly updating its range of drive belts and kits.

Benefits for Trade

  • Optimum storage thanks to the range of kits
  • Covers up to 90 % of all vehicles
  • Rapid supply capability for all types
  • The Bosch brand is well-known and widely used
  • Appealing sales support

Benefits for Vehicle Workshops

  • When purchasing kits, all required parts are included under a single part number
  • High level of safety and customer satisfaction thanks to lasting original equipment quality fake watches
  • Rapid and reliable product information through clear numerical codes
  • Up-to-date, reliable equipment and service information, including information on replacement intervals
  • Environmentally friendly packaging, 100 % recyclable

Drive Belt Kits

  • For all current vehicle models
  • All parts included under a single
  • part number and package – optimizing storage and simplifying  the order process
  • 3 product variants and approx. 300 types
  • Timing belt / tensioner pulley kit
  • Timing belt / tensioning element kit
  • Timing belt /water pump kit (New!)

Timing Belts

  • Synchronized transfer
  • Good operating safety throughout the service life
  • Quiet operation


  • For universal use in compact drive designs
  • High-tolerance V-belts for drives with multiple grooves

Ribbed V-belts / Double Ribbed V-belts

  • For vehicles with comprehensive fittings as standard
  • For fast belt speeds
  • For optimum power transfer

Elastic Ribbed V-Belts

  • No wear-in period; optimal tension without retensioning
  • Optimal damping and extremely durable
  • Easy to fit using elastic toolkit 1.0