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Quality inspections have a long tradition at Bosch

Right from the start, the high quality demands of Robert Bosch for his products spread through development, production and customer service. Accordingly, Bosch developed special test tools for automobile parts at a very early stage, deriving test devices for maintenance and deployment on site.

Diesel as an example

in 1927, Bosch started the first series manufacturing world-wide of diesel fuel-injection pumps and injectors. This meant that it was possible for the first time to manufacture small, fast-running diesel engines for trucks, buses and cars eco-nomically. Simultaneously, Bosch provided the test and maintenance technology for the new diesel injection systems and kept spare parts on hand.

Half a century of support for workshops

At the beginning test technology was only available to Bosch plants and branches, but in 1954 Bosch began to sell test technology to all workshops. For 50 years now, work-shops can rely on test technology that keeps pace with developments in automotive technology. At the same time, Bosch spare parts enable professional repairs.

Bosch – Skilled partner today and tomorrow

Bosch supplies workshops with suitable test technology for all automotive systems. The scene today is dominated by computer supported diagnostics systems that quickly and reliably localize every fault.

bosch diagnostics the full testing system spectrumContents

The increasing degree of complexity in commercial vehicle systems demands a high diagnostic standardfor professional repair and maintenance work. Bosch Diagnostics can supply the full package.

Wheel alignment FWA

Precise measurement, short set-up times and simple operation make the Bosch wheel alignment system indispensable

Emission analysis BEA

Outstanding measurement accuracy guarantees precise, high-speed emissions analysis conforming to the latest standards.

Battery Service BAT

Reliable, professional testing, changing and starting with battery service units from Bosch. Air conditioning service ACS These days air conditioners are a standard feature of commercial vehicles. A/c service unites from Bosch are fully automatic and make service a profitable business.

Tyre service equipment TCE and WBE 

A profitable and comprehensive tyre service. Thanks to efficient and convenient wheel balancing are tyre fitting machines from Bosch.

Vehicle Lift equipment VLE 

Professional servicing for commercial vehicles with a weight of up to 4,000 kg. Ideal for reception areas, repair shops and wheel alignment.

Brake system analysis BSA 

Reliable and accurate brake testing for vehicles up to 10t gross weight with large track widths.

Engine system analysis FSA 

Engine system analysis is employed for the systematic testing, checking and measurement of components, systems and elements.

ESI [tronic] 2.0 – software that can do more 

Repairs on passenger cars, vans or trucks – ESI[tronic] 2.0 ensures perfect compatibility. The modular structure means you can always find the solution for your business.

Diesel system testing EPS

Repairs on passenger cars, vans or trucks – ESI[tronic] 2.0 ensures perfect compatibility. The modular structure means you can always find the solution for your business.

ECU diagnostics KTS

Bosch’s new KTS diagnosis equipment, together with the ESI [tronic] software presents the perfect combination of hardware and software for efficient fault analysis on the vehicle and professional repairs.