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Bosch Diesel Injection Systems : Quality Guaranteed

High-tech performance comes from precision manufacturing.

New diesel systems – High pressure for optimum results

Common rail systems have long since become state-of-the-art in modern commercial vehicles. This offers vast potential for every Bosch workshop, as diesel engine components are also subject to wear. Bosch can supply component packages for the common rail systems of almost all vehicle manufacturers.

Bosch CRS25-3 with 2,500 bar pressure

  • Higher injection pressure
  • Increases torque
  • Instant reaction time for combustion

Common rail high-pressure pumps

  • Broad range for the third and forth generation of common rail systems
  • Repair work can be performed at a Diesel Center

Common rail injectors

  • Solenoid-controlled injectors
  • Piezo injectors for the third generation common rail system
  • Repair work can be performed at a Diesel Center
  • Exchange range

Flexible, versatile, global, worldwide leader in the production of nozzles

At Bosch the production of parts is organized into international production network, with production sites all around the globe. World Wide universal Bosch standards ensure consistency at all Bosch manufacturing sites.

Curitiba, Brazil

Wuxi, China

Bamberg, Germany

Rodez, France

Unit injectors

  • A unit consisting of pump and injector
  • Repair work can be performed at a Diesel Center
  • Up to 2,200 bar

Common application for large engines

  • Stationary applications (Generators)
  • Special Vehicles (construction, mining and agricultural vehicles
  • Marine applications (Propulsion engines and generators)
  • Railway applications

Nashik, India

Yorii, Japan

Engels, Russia