Delphi Filtration: Filtering Out The Good From TheBad.

We Don’t Just Design The System.We Protect It Too.

With modern diesel engines now injecting fuel at pressures of up to 2,200 bar, and injector tolerances being measured in microns, even the smallest amount of dirt, air, water or waxing can cause a problem. The good news is, because we design the system, we also know what it takes to protect it. Backed by over 100 years of OE heritage, Delphi diesel filters are designed with patented OE technology and high efficiency media for optimum filtration performance. We supply OE applications for the world’s leading manufacturers including Citroën, Dacia, Fiat, Ford, Hyundai, Jaguar, Kia, Land Rover, Mazda, Mini, Nissan, Opel/Vauxhall, Peugeot, Renault, Ssangyong, Suzuki and Volvo.


A Complete Aftermarket Solution.

We bring this same expertise to the aftermarket with an extensive range of diesel filters for car, light commercial, heavy duty and off-highway applications, as well as OE quality cabin air and petrol filters. But whether engineered for an OE or aftermarket application, we apply the same stringent validation, manufacturing and testing procedures. Every filter adheres to high quality standards for performance you and your customers can trust.

The Delphi Difference.

  • Full OE powertrain and air conditioning system expertise.
  • Designed, engineered and manufactured to provide the same levels of filtration performance and durability, as demanded by the vehicle manufacturer.
  • Extensive range of OE quality diesel, cabin and petrol filters.
  • Coverage of car, light duty, heavy duty and off-highway applications.
  • Feature the very latest filtration technology.
  • Diesel and petrol filters perform to ISO standards for durability, water separation and particle removal efficiency.
  • Support change intervals up to 60,000 miles.
  • 100% tested prior to despatch.
  • Aftermarket portfolio of over 700 parts covering more than 19,000 applications.

Our Filtration Portfolio.

Cabin Air Filters.

OE specification particle and activated carbon filters for optimal particle removal, hygiene and air quality. 

Diesel and Petrol Filters.  

Patented OE technology and high efficiency, multi-layer media for optimal particle removal and protection of the FIE.

Hand Primer 

OE range of hand primers for various applications.

Water Sensor and Fuel Heaters. 

OE technology designed to further optimise and protect the fuel system.

Connector Kits.  

Our comprehensive push fit connector kit has everything you need to assist fuel line repair. 

It’s What’s Inside Our Diesel Filters That Sets Us Apart.

A- Protection Caps 

Maintain system cleanliness

B- Patented Diverter Valve 

Circulates warm fuel to improve engine start up.

C- Patented Air Management System 

Manages air flow for smooth engine performance.

D- Pleated Construction  

Increases filtration capacity.

E- High Efficiency Multi-layer Media 

Enhances particulate removal, water separation and filter longevity for maximum engine protection.

F- Galfan Coating 

Validated to perform under extreme conditions, including ISO9227 salt spray test.

G- Water Drain Plug 

Facilitates removal of dirt and water, optional sensor to detect water level.

Tech Tips For Fewer Diesel Filter Comebacks.

> Always clean the top of the filter and any connections before starting work as this helps to prevent contamination.

> If your filter has a heater element fitted, remember to transfer this over to the new filter before replacing.

> Always replace o-rings and seals on fuel heaters and water sensors.

> When removing the old filter, cap the fuel pipes to prevent any contamination from entering the system. 

> Empty the contents of the old filter into a clean container. If the content is not clear, full of particulates, or has high water content, then the system must be cleaned out from the tank to the filter.

> If the particles are of a metallic nature, a full system overhaul will be required. Tip, ferrous metallic particles can be identified using a magnet under the base of the container.

> On fitting the new filter, always remember to prime the system prior to starting the engine. Fit a priming bulb or use the pre-installed primer on some vehicles to prime the fuel system.

Delphi Filters. Patented OE Technology and High- Efficiency Media for Filtration Performance You Can Trust.