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Working in partnership with a range of car manufacturers, DENSO has invested extensively in its diesel components, producing a range that is unique, consistent with OE part quality, and always at the forefront of diesel engine technology. Through product performance, R&D efforts, and a range tailored to the needs of manufacturers, DENSO diesel components – including diesel fuel injectors, diesel pumps and suction control valves (SCVs) – have gained a reputation for efficiency and reliability.

DENSO was a pioneer of the common rail fuel system for production road vehicles, and has continued to refine and improve the system ever since. We are always building on our heritage to unlock new levels of performance in diesel engines. With emissions reduction now a key part of engine development, aftermarket professionals can be confident that when they source DENSO components, they are contributing to greater fuel efficiency, and therefore lesser environmental impact, in customer vehicles.

This experience ensures that DENSO’s diesel injectors, pumps and SCVs are included in our outstanding Diesel components programme, meeting OE quality.

DENSO Products

Common Rail Injector

Features and Benefits

  • High fuel pressure and high level of injection precision.
  • Full control over fuel injection pressure, timing, rate, and quantity.
  • Lower emissions and better fuel economy.
  • Lower noise levels and higher power output.


Common Rail Pump


  • Ensures the reliable delivery of pressurized fuel.
  • Optimizes the performance of diesel engines.
  • Range of units and parts available.
  • Suitable for a huge range of applications.

The common rail pump helps to optimise diesel engine performance, lower emissions and improve fuel consumption as a key part of the common rail system.


Common Rail SCVs


  • Part of DENSO’s pioneering common rail system.
  • Ensures consistent fuel pressure levels.
  • OE quality standard component.
  • Easy-to-use part numbering system.

SCVs are an essential part of the common rail system due to their control over fuel supply to reach a consistent pressure. Without SCVs, the system couldn’t function accurately.