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Bosch Filters For Commercial Vehicles The Full Range From A Single Supplier

There is no room for compromise with commercial vehicles. That is why Bosch supply a full range of filters for all standard commercial vehicles and engine types. For a perfect fit in every system.

Fuel filters

  • Engine protection thanks to high-grade filter material with maximum absorption capacity for dirt particles
  • Highly resistant to temperature fluctuations, corrosive fuels and pressure
  • Outstanding filtration performance for severely contaminated fuels and fuels with a high water content

Oil filters, hydraulic fluid filters, oil separator filters

  • Specially impregnated, tear-proof filter material and sturdy housing for a long service life
  • Ecologically sound disposal of non-metallic filter elements

Air filters

  • Highly accurate fit keeps leakage to a minimum
  • High-grade microfiber paper: Ideal air permeability and dirt retention ensure maximum engine performance

Cabin filters

For a healthy working atmosphere – reliable filtering of pollen, dirt particles and pollutants.

DENOX filter – the genuine article

(refer to Page 5 for system description).

Ideally matched to the Denoxtronic® system.

Special filters

  • Coolant filter – optimum cooling system protection
  • Desiccant box – full braking force thanks to reliable bleeding and dehumidification of the brake system
  • Crankcase oil separator – optimized filtration and trapping of aerosols for effective engine protection

Cabin filters

Air filters

Fuel filters

Oil filters