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More Light For Extra Safety The Ideal Lighting And Signalling System

By supplying extra light, Bosch universal lamps ensure greater safety and convenience. With reliable technology and their robust as well as attractive design, they cannot fail to impress. Bosch compressed-air fanfares and supertone horns provide an unmistakable warning. Sturdy design,reliable technology and an attractive appearance.

Bosch auxiliary lamps

For more safety in the dark as well as in snow, fog and rain. Auxiliary lamps from Bosch are guaranteed to provide reliable operation and more safety combined with attractive styling and individual flair.

Bosch flood lamps and spot lamps

With their broad and homogeneous light pattern, Bosch flood lamps are ideal for illuminating stationary and mobile working areas particularly at close range. Bosch spot lamps offer a concentrated beam of light over longer distances– with energy efficiency and a long service life.

Bosch rotating beacons

Bosch rotating beacons make sure neither vehicles nor stationary and mobile equipment can be overlooked – different available versions suit every application.They have an optimum warning effect and are clearly visible without any radio or car phone interference. The nonwearing design ensures durable and reliable operation.

24-V bulbs – Trucklight and Trucklight Maxlife

Trucklight: Maximum quality and reliability Trucklight Maxlife: Greater resistance to shock and vibration, longer service life, for off-road and the highway.

Compressed-air fanfares and supertone horns

Bosch compressed-air fanfares and supertone horns generate a penetrating dual-tone signal to be heard at great distances for reliable warning in critical situations.

Auxiliary lamp

Flood and spot lamps

Rotating beacon

Bulbs 24 V