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With nearly 40 years of experience, Road House is today a worldwide manufacturer in brake parts for automotive Industry. Our history is a story of continuous improvement and technological development which has placed our company among the greatest brake pads manufacturers leading the production for aftermarket segment into the European Market. Our current position in the industry has been consolidated for a long time by our main keys to the success: Advanced technology in friction with a real “state of the art” in production, offering a premium quality product to the aftermarket never known among other manufacturers. Further 130 million pcs. of production a year operated in 12 plants around the world, allow us a deep background and a knowledge in the top of our industry.




Brake Pad With a production of more than 25 million sets a year

With a production of more than 25 million sets a year, Road House offers to its customers not only all the “know-how” of one of the main friction materials manufacturers in the world but the most comprehensive product range available in the friction industry. This product range covers European, American, Japanese, Korean and Australian applications with more than 2000 different part numbers on offer and with different levels of accessorization.


After 40 years of experience behind us and a constant industrial and product development that has taken us to the European aftermarket leadership, Road House now associates technologically with the largest Asian disc brake manufacturer to offer you a range of discs with le highest quality expected from a company with our position and able to meet the expectations of the European market and drivers. 


Brake Fluid Performance & Safety

RH DOT-4 Brake Fluid is recommended for all hydraulic brake and clutch systems for which a non-petroleum fluid is specified. Exceeds specifications SAE J1703 and ISO 4925. Minimum Dry Boiling Point 260 °C. It’s recommended that DOT 4 Brake Fluid is changed every 2 years for to maintain maximum braking performance and safety.