Bosch Starter Motor & Alternator Energy System For Reliable Power Delivery

As a premium automotive technology supplier, Bosch has unparalleled expertise in automotive electrical systems. For over 100 years Bosch has been at the cutting edge of electrical technology and continues to produce market-leading products to the highest quality standards. The commitment to quality is evident in the Bosch range of starter motors and alternators.


Superior Features

Wide Asian and European application coverage across passenger cars, light and heavy commercial vehicles

Manufactured to Original Equipment specifications, in accordance to strict Bosch quality standards

Produced using high quality components,%100 tested before leaving the assembly line

Premium Bosch branding and comprehensive Bosch warranty*


Key Benefits

  • A wide Bosch Starter & Alternator range to fit all your top customers’ needs
  • Original Equipment performance, Aftermarket pricing
  • No quality problems that are associated with cheap reconditioned, refurbished or repaired units
  • Reputable brand ensures long term value, your customers’ satisfaction and your peace of mind

Production Sites — Starters, Alternators, Reman

Bosch combines precision German engineering and local suppliers’ know-how to provide a comprehensive portfolio of quality Bosch Starters

and Alternators in your markets.

In the automotive aftermarket, supply flexibility is essential. Our advanced manufacturing facilities are capable of handling high volume demands and

variations in product specifications. Our global market presence ensures that customer requirements are constantly analyzed and our productsultimately suit the market.

The quality of a product is not determined by where it is made but by whom. With Bosch, you are guaranteed starters and alternators of industry-leading quality for your greatest peace of mind.