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The Société Industrielle d’Amortisseurs (SIA) was founded in 1989 in partnership with RECORD France. SIA is specialized in the design, development, production and distribution of shock absorbers for heavy duty and light vehicles. Thanks to the two brands SIA’AM and RECORD, SIA is a leader in the south of the Mediterranean Area.

Thanks to a three decade’s know-how and very hard demanding processes of continuous improvement of our components, our shock absorbers provide a pure pleasure for every driver. They guarantee the adherence and permanent contact of the wheels with the road, also providing the perfect stability of the chassis and control of the vehicle. Years of expertise and development in our laboratories allowed us to optimize our manufacturing processes according to European car manufacturers’ standards, in order to guarantee your comfort and safety. Over 4.000 shock absorbers references and a coverage rate of 90% of the Mediterranean car fleet.

SIA exports over 80% of its products and provides the main European car manufacturers with original parts. It also insures the subcontracting for the leading global automotive suppliers.

In 10 years, SIA has reached more than double its turnover to attain 11 million € with an annual investment average of 800 thousand € in different means of conception, development, and production.


SIAAM Products

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The Gas Shock Absorber

  • twin tube sock absorber with pressurized hydraulic system 
  • it is based on the principles of the hydraulic shock absorber 
  • it contains low-pressure gas in the rebound room
  • the gas shock absorber improves the performance when starting softens the vehicle noise and optimizes wheels suspension