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Speed and power are nothing without precision and control. These take years to develop – we know, because they are in every BOGE shock absorber. With BOGE, you can provide shock absorbers with technical characteristics precisely tailored for the demanding requirements of the automotive industry; each one a perfect match for vehicle, axle type and spring design. This means you can give your customers improved steering performance and deliver the best possible safety.

Using high-quality materials, sophisticated machining processes and special technologies, we make shock absorbers that meet every challenge and always perform at the highest level. With BOGE, you can improve the performance of your business by providing aftermarket shocks that give a winning service every time. With our shock absorbers, you have precise grip, handling and dynamics for a perfectly balanced ride that is in a league of its own.

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Built to excel in all conditions

An average shock absorber has fixed predetermined damping settings, not ideal for either comfort or safety as damping forces are unable to change as driving conditions change.

In contrast, BOGE shock absorbers enhance vehicles with variable damping systems by automatically adjusting to the actual driving situation.


Influencing performance and comfort

The shock absorber mounting (suspension strut support bearing) is the upper attachment/pivotal point between the shock absorber and chassis. This has to face many challenges, such as adverse weather conditions, which is why it is classed as a ‘wear and tear’ part.

A BOGE shock absorber mounting provides the strength and performance to support vehicle weight, enables reliable steering of the spring strut and prevents the penetration of vibrations and noises into the chassis. Most important of all, it enables better tire-to-road contact and reduced braking distance for maximum safety.