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Bosch Diesel Center And Bosch Diesel Service The Diesel Repair Specialists

High-quality test equipment, high precision, special tools, and the expertise of diesel specialists are all essential for repairing modern diesel systems.

Professional diagnosis and repair

The Bosch Diesel Center and Bosch Diesel Service experts can be relied upon to find the right answer to all diesel technology problems of your vehicle. Highly qualified technicians carry out diagnosis and repairs on Bosch diesel injection pumps using state-of-the-art Bosch test equipment.

What your Bosch Diesel workshop has to offer:

Market leadership in the fields of diesel system testing and component repair

Expert servicing and repair of all diesel systems

Repair concepts for workshops, corporate customers, and fleet operators

All work performed by experienced, highly qualified diesel specialists

Bosch spare parts in original equipment quality

Diagnosis and system testing with state-of-the-art Bosch test equipment

Warranty on parts and labor

Minimized repair times for vehicles in non-stop operation

Benefit From Our Expertise And System Know-How From Bosch

Commercially used vehicles have to earn their keep. That applies equally to commercial vehicles with a 40-ton gross weight and to taxis and smaller delivery vans. “Repair solutions in line with the age of the vehicle” is the key factor: Repairing defective diesel engine assemblies or components is one of the main strengths of Bosch Diesel Center and Bosch Diesel Service garages.

Bosch Diesel Service: Professional component repair for all mechanical diesel systems
  • Diagnosis and system testing
  • Professional component repair
  • Servicing and repair of the mechanical diesel systems in your vehicle
Bosch Diesel Center: Your diesel specialist for all diesel systems
  • Diagnosis and repair for diesel vehicles
  • Checking, adjustment and repair of all Bosch in-line and distributor injection pumps
  • Diagnosis and repair for all Bosch high-pressure diesel injection systems
  • Checking and optimization of performance and consumption
  • Exhaust emission testing as required by law
Our diesel specialists provide component repair e.g. for the following systems:
  • Commercial vehicle common rail high-pressure pump (CP2)
  • 2nd generation common rail high-pressure pump (CP3)
  • Common rail injectors (CRI / CRIN)
  • Nozzle-and-holder assembly (DHK)
  • Commercial vehicle unit injector (UIN)
  • Unit pump (UP)
  • In-line injection pump (RP)
Common rail injector
Hot-film air-mass meter
Common rail high-pressure pump

Always A Good Substitute: Bosch EXchange Top Quality At A Reasonable Price

Bosch eXchange. The comprehensive, intelligent eXchange range is the ideal all-round concept for “present value” repairs.

Cost / benefit – a convincing argument for professional vehicle operators

Bosch eXchange offers replacements for the full range of the  original equipment components for repairs in keeping with the value of the vehicle. Plus full warranty coverage. The quick and easy procedure is just right for workshops.

Workshops are guaranteed to benefit from Bosch eXchange components
  • Full range for diesel injection systems: More than 800 item numbers
  • For a wide range of vehicles – also including modern high-pressure injection systems
  • Return in original packaging (back in box)
  • Direct deposit value reimbursement
  • Standard return criteria
  • Full replacement of all wearing parts
Bosch eXchange. The strong points
  • Greater customer satisfaction thanks to “present value” repair, a more efficient procedure and reasonable prices
  • Quality standards and functional tests comparable to new original equipment components
  • Same warranty for Bosch eXchange products as for new parts.
  • Helps to preserve both resources and the environment: By repairing old parts instead of producing new ones, savings of up to 90 % are possible in terms of raw materials in addition to cutting down on energy consumption.

Value-retaining repairs: Bosch eXchange saves time and money as well as conserves the environment and raw materials.



Unit injector