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  • 1984 Founding of a one-man business venture. Distribution of spare parts for diesel systems. Mainly parts from Bosch and the open brand DT.
  • 1990 Constantly growing demand for non-original spare parts leads to engagement of first employees.
  • 1992 An official name is given to the small start-up and since it operates under the name DTP Motorteile GmbH. More employees have to be engaged.
  • 1993 Own trademark is founded with protection in many countries. Name of brand is „DTP W. Germany, Diesel Truck Parts“ A number of additional employees join the company. Main export markets are now the Middle East, North- and South America, and South Africa. Next to the own brand „DTP“, also other brands like Bosch and DT are sold.
  • 2002 The ever-increasing number of incoming orders and herewith growing turnover requires additional employment of a reasonable number of stuff. With help of global sales activities, DTP becomes a well known brand and DTP Motorteile GmbH a notable supplier for diesel parts. Frequent participations take place at specialized fairs in Germany as well as internationally. New markets are targeted and existing sales territories are strengthened. This includes the regions of Africa, Russia, and several Asian sales areas. New representations are established.

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