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SEG Automotive is closely linked to the history of the automobile. Emerged from the BOSCH Starter Motors & Generators division in January 2018, the company stands for more than a century of innovations in its product sector: from the invention of the starter motor and generator to Start/Stop and mild hybridization.

SEG Automotive makes a significant contribution to climate protection by reducing emissions across powertrain technologies: Fueled by its passion for innovation, the global supplier is driving the transition towards more efficient combustion engines, 48V hybrids and electrification. SEG Automotive offers the same OE quality also to automotive aftermarket customers.

Almost all automotive OEMs worldwide rely on SEG Automotive’s global production network, which delivers high-performance, durable and competitive products with uniform quality standards.

This global strength has its foundation in a cross-cultural team of around 7,000 employees in 14 countries in the world’s most important automotive markets.

SEG Products

one shared quality: reliable efficiency.

starter motor


A good starter motor should hardly be noticed by the driver – yet it plays a vital role: cold-start reliably, perform smooth start/stop operations and save fuel.

In the passenger car sector, we offer two technology platforms for different requirements: the C6 series, one of the world’s smallest passenger car starter motors with up to 1.2 KW, and the powerful C7 series, which can be scaled up to 2.0 KW. These platforms are the basis of the fuel-saving SC6 and SC7 start/stop starter motors, which are designed specifically for the high number of cycles required in start/stop and coasting applications.

Alternator Motor

Boost Recuperation Machine (BRM)

  • up to 15% reduction in fuel consumption and CO2 emissions (real world driving conditions)
  • 48V power supply high-performance consumers (e.g. roll stabilizer, electronic brake booster etc.)
  • Recuperation of braking energy, boost and comfort start function for extremely smooth start/stop operations
  • Coasting at high speeds with the engine turned off
  • Redundancy by additional 48V electrical system for autonomous driving safety requirements