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New Diesel Systems – New Business

Diesel boom with Bosch

The worldwide production of diesel cars has risen by 7 percent per annum since 1998. Bosch has supplied a total of more than 16 million high-pressure

fuel injection systems and thereby played a prominent part in shaping this diesel boom.

Go into a higher gear with diesel service

Diesel vehicles with innovative injection systems are

the big sellers on the automobile market.
More and more car buyers are excited by their dynamic vehicle

handling. The strong increase in demand – particularly

in Asia – also means an increase in the diesel business for the workshop. Anyone wishing to seize these sales opportunities has to start preparing for them now. Bosch offers comprehensive, workshop-oriented support for the diagnosis and exchange of modern diesel systems.

New Diesel Dynamics – A New Market Diesel And

Diesel and Bosch

Ever since there have been diesel vehicles on the road, Bosch has been a leading provider of diesel technology. In permanent and close cooperation

with leading engine designers and automobile manufacturers, Bosch time and again develops decisive innovations which create the driving force for the future of the diesel engine.

Diesel – Adjusted For Optimum Function

New diesel systems

The diesel revolution is the result of systematic evolution. The development of high-performance modern high-pressure systems by Bosch was crucial in this respect.
The start of series production of the first TDI engine with an electronically controlled axial piston distributor-type injection pump in 1989 was followed by the VP44 and common rail high-pressure innovations in 1996/97.
A trend that will also emerge in Asia.

Dynamic, clean, economical

More driving fun with fewer emissions and lower consumption. Diesel engines today are extremely powerful and very lively, but they are economical and efficient, now as before. An advantage for the environment – diesel engines has become increasingly cleaner in the last ten years.

The Technology Of Success

No matter whether it concerns the distributor-type injection pump, the unit injector, or the common rail, the modern fuel injection systems from Bosch have re-defined diesel technology. The second generation of the common rail system and the pump injector technology from Bosch have set new standards for the efficiency and performance of diesel engines: injection pressures up to 2050 bar, shorter intervals between the pilot injection, main injection, and secondary injection, and a more precise fuel injection timing are made possible by electronic control. This increases the engine performance and reduces consumption and emissions at the same time.
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