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Training Course for employees on effective leadership skillsBe Guide With Effective Leadership

Training Course for employees on effective leadership skills

Be Guide With Effective Leadership
In collaboration with Gold Mines Training and Consultancy Company, the company has provided employees with a training course on effective leadership. The course aims to develop leadership methods and skills, including:

• Understanding your role as a leader and identifying how this role differs from other roles.
• Understanding the challenges in management and the current managerial functions in the business world.
• Recognizing your leadership style and exploring effective ways to use this knowledge to improve your success as a manager and leader.
• Discovering how to provide guidance, mentorship, and constructive feedback to employees.
• Learning how to use situational leadership to achieve greater productivity by building energy, self-reliance, and leadership through employees.
• Enhancing effectiveness in goal setting, providing clear guidance and direction, and practicing active listening, monitoring, and providing constructive feedback and observations.
• Developing greater flexibility in using different leadership styles to lead the work team.
• Developing skills to motivate the team, provide training and development.

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